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    ПО EMC Partner TEMA3000 для дистанционного управления и проведения тестирований генераторов с ОС EPOS (серия EMU3000)

    Remote Control and Reporting

    EMC PARTNER instruments are designed to be operated directly from the front panel controller with a high degree of automation. Functions such as amplitude, polarity, phase angle and coupling path can all be selected. However, remote control from a PC is sometimes desirable. In such cases, EMC PARTNER have a range of software packages that provide reliable remote operation and enhanced operator features.

    Software packages are available for all EMC PARTNER instruments from the smallest ESD3000 up to the biggest MIG14403.
    Demo-Versions of all the software packages are available for FREE trial at

    TEMA3000 PN: 106203

    Control of generators with EPOS operating system. For example IMU3000
    Remote control and single test programming.
    TEMA3000 DSO PN: 106204

    Extension to TEMA3000 base version with access code.
    Setup and measurement using Digital Storage Oscilloscopes (DSO).
    TEMA3000 Library PN: 106205

    Extension to TEMA3000 base version with access code. Pre-programed test routines
    according to IEC and EN Basic and Generic standards.
    TEMA3000 Protocol PN: 106207

    Extension to TEMA3000 base version with access code. Enables data transfer to
    other programs, report customisation and pdf file generation.
    TEMA3000 Sequence PN: 106206

    Extension to TEMA3000 base version with access code. Enables complex test sequences
    to be programed, saved and recalled.
    TEMA PN: 103057

    Control of generators with control 2000. Up to 4 generators can be combined into a
    test suite. Test library, sequencing and report generation are included.
    TEMA EXT-Measure PN: 103058

    Extension to TEMA with access code. Enables setup and measurement using Digital
    Storage Oscilloscopes (DSO).
    GENECS-TRA PN: 104760
    TRA3000 REMOTE

    Remote control of TRA3000 from a front panel emulator. Test library and sequencing
    are included.
    GENECS-MIG PN: 103055

    Remote control of generators with control 2000 from a front panel emulator. Test
    library and sequencing are included.
    PS3SOFT-EXT PN: 103056

    Extends HAR1000-1P for testing to IEC61000-4-13 and IEC61000-4-14.


    Simple Operation
    Drag and drop technology
    Test setup libraries
    Colour graphic user interface
    Helps reduce errors during testing

    Modular Concept
    Low cost entry software
    Modules to extend capability
    Parameter entry same as on generator
    Optimize investment

    User Configurable
    Enhance test capability
    Choice of extensions according to need
    Access code for extension modules

    Fully Flexible
    User can select configuration
    Enhance test capability when needed
    Independant of system hardware

    Report Configurator
    Report data stored as csv data
    Field placement for each parameter
    Photographs can be added
    Oscilloscope download data can be added (optional module)


    Get Testing Faster
    Predefined test routines
    Minimum learning time
    Easy installation
    Reduces operator intervention

    Save Money
    Reduce setup time with automated test routines
    Only buy the software module you need
    Access test data faster

    Upgrade on Site
    Software can be upgraded according to need
    No downtime
    Increase productivity

    Reduce Errors
    Less user intervention
    Pre-define test routines with operator instructions
    Pictures of test setups

    Test Report
    The product is the report
    Report generated as html, pdf or csv file


    Latest generation software for use with EMC PARTNER Operating System (EPOS). Interfaces to generator through Ethernet port, reducing the need for specialist and expensive hardware interfaces. Forward looking software suite designed to run on operating systems from Windows 7 and upwards. Graphic user interface with icons to simplify operation. Parameter entry through Remote EMC PARTNER Operating System (REPOS) interface reduces learning time for users familiar with the generator hardware. TEMA3000 base version includes generator remote control interface and single test capability, save and recall of files and a comprehensive help file. Test routines can be prepared in TEMA3000 and then uploaded into the generator in the test lab. Programing with the REPOS interface is exactly the same as sitting in front of a generator. Report generation in TEMA3000 base version is through the Web Server in the generator or the generator USB port.

    TEMA3000 Help

    TEMA3000 Features
    - Remote control of generator
    - single test programing
    - single test file save and recall
    - comprehensive help file
    - Windows 7 and Windows 8 operating systems

    Single Test Programing



    TEMA3000 basic version can be extended at any time to enhance test capability. The user decides which modules are relevant for their application.

    Access codes can be purchased for the following modules.

    Modules for TEMA3000
    - Protocol
    - Library
    - DSO
    - Sequence

    This module enables users to fully customize the test report layout and format. Creating
    individual templates.

    Preprogrammed test sequences for IEC/EN basic and geenric standards. Simply open
    a file, link to a generator and start testing.


    Connection a Digital Storage Oscilloscope (DSO) to the test system to record test waveforms and determine PASS / FAIL criteria.

    Extend the single test capability by including multiple tests into a single sequence.
    Access codes are entered using the License Manager in TEMA3000.U

    TEMA3000 Module Licence Manager

    System requirements
    Operating System: Windows Vista, Windows 7 and 8
    CPU: Pentium 4 2.4GHz+ or AMD 2400xp+
    System Memory (RAM): 1GB+
    Hard Disk: 1GB+ free space
    Graphics Card: Modern graphics card with at least OpenGL 2.1 support
    (At least NVidia Geforce 6, ATI Radeo HD4800, ...
    Screen: 1280x1024, “32-bit True Colour”


    Using TEMA (Test Manager) software, complex test sequences can be programmed and external devices included (such as oscilloscopes).
    Up to four generators can be included in TEMA. Each generator requires a unique activation code.
    TEMA software is unique to the ESD3000, TRA2000 and MIG generators.

    - Automated test report generator with data export into Microfort WORD© or EXCEL©
    - Clear graphical presentation of sequences
    - simple drag-and-drop programming
    - Test Process Supervision STOP, CONTINUE or REPEAT
    - Message boxes to control the test sequence and provide operator instructions
    - Pre-loaded test routines for the most popular test. No programing, simply select the file and start testing
    - Connection to EMC PARTNER powerful DATABASE software with instruction from the relevant standards and helpful hints for the setup
    - Loop function to repeat the same test many times
    - integration of oscilloscope for automated waveform verification (TEMA EXT-MEASURE) TEMA

    Sequence Programing


    Capacitor Measuring System

    As option to the TEMA software, the TEMA EXT-MEASUREl package is available as an enhancement. Connected to the remote control computer and programmed directly from TEMA, an oscilloscope can be used for the following additional automated functions:
    - EUT failure detection based on parameter windows. 4 measurements avaialble.
    - wave shape verification and inclusion in the test report.
    The DSO CONTROL icon is included in a sequence using drag-and-drop then programmed directly from the TEMA window.
    - As soon as the DSO has been set into the desired mode, the setting record of the complete DSO can be transferred into a file using the TEMA DSO Upload function in the DSO dialogue.
    The TEMA EXT-MEASURE is used as part of special application packages such as the SOFTW IEC60384-14. For further information, please refer to the CAPACITOR TEST SYSTEM brochure.

    High Voltage measuring system

    TEMA EXT-MEASURE in high voltage systems
    In addition to EMC tests, the TEMA EXT-MEASURE can
    be used as part of a measuring system used in high voltage
    testing. In such cases, TEMA can be used to control the
    ICON3000 and TEMA EXT-MEASURE collects the
    impulse data either from an oscilloscope or a
    special high voltage measuring system.

    DSO models Supported in TEMA EXT-MEASURE
    Tektronix TDS Models from series:
    200, 500, 600 & 3000,
    Both 2 and 4 channel oscilloscopes are supported
    The computer must include a separate remote
    control interface for the DSO. Usually this is GPIB.

    System requirements
    - Windows™ XP or Windows 2000
    - Pentium® (or higher) processor, CPU frequency better 166 MHz
    - at least SVGA (800x600) graphic-card, recommended 1024 x 768
    - at least 16 MByte memory
    - 10 MByte free space on hard-disc, GENECS plus Database 17 MByte
    - at least one serial port (COM1..8)

    Specially conceived for TRA3000, GENECS-TRA software package also provides backwards compatibility with all existing EMC PARTNER test instrumentation. The existing RS232 serial interface has been extended to accept ethernet IP addresses for the TRA3000. GENECS-TRA is an emulation of the generator front panels. Offering simple remote control of the generator, software gives enhanced features such as test report customization. GENECS-TRA has been further extended to include test sequencing and enhanced reporting functionality enabling complex sequences of up to 99 tests to be linked. In addition to remote programming and control of the generators, test report information is available to word processing or other evaluation programs.

    Sequence Programing

    - Automated test report generator with data export into Microsoft WORD© or EXCEL©
    - Program sequences of multiple tests
    - Automatic control of EUT power
    - Delay and Pause functions in a sequence
    - Test Process Supervision STOP, CONTINUE or REPEAT
    - Pre-loaded test routines for the most popular test. No programing, simply select the file and start testing
    - Loop function to repeat the same test many times
    - control of PS3 power supply (via TRA3000)
    - Test report generated through Web server
    Connection between generator and computer requires one Ethernet port. Data is transmitted with a software error-correcting protocol. A standard cable of 2m length is provided. For connections over long distances or use in a harsh EMC environment, an optical link is recommended.

    EMC PARTNER library

    Test Sequencing
    Once a test or series of tests have been programed. These can be linked together to form a continuous sequence which will run all tests without stopping.
    As part of the sequence, it is possible to insert additional functions to enhance the process. From the path Sequence Setup / Edit / Next, the Test Kind can be selected.
    Available options are:
    - Test Setup. This loads test parameters at the position indicated in the sequence.
    - Power. EUT power can be selected from one of two sources and turned ON or OFF
    - Delay. Allows the user to program a time delay between tests of up to 1000 s.
    - Break. Pauses the current sequence. A label can be added for operator information. To restart the sequence, press RUN.

    Web Server

    A comprehensive help file is integrated into the GENECS-TRA software package. Instructions
    how to get started and to configure the computer are included. All features
    are fully described and instructions for safe and efficient operation are included. The
    help file can be opened at any time when GENECS-TRAi is running.

    GENECS-TRA works together with the web server integrated into TRA3000 instruments.
    The web server stores all test report data and enables synchronization with a
    control computer. A full test report history is stored in the web server and can be sorted
    according to date or test type (EFT, SURGE, DIPS, etc.).


    Generator Configuration Screen

    GENECS (Generator Controlling Software) is an emulation of the MIG generator front panels. GENECS is a relatively simple remote control software with enhanced features such as test report customization. Tests, setups, protocols and a Log File can additionaly be stored and maintained on the remote computer.
    Connection between generator and computer requires one common serial port. Data is transmitted with a software error-correcting protocol. The cable-length should not exceed 10m (30ft). For connections over 10m an optical link is recommended (option). The optical link is generally recommended for communication in a harsh EMC environment.
    A generator’s control and display functions are transmitted over the serial link to the computer and displayed on a virtual front panel. Commands from the computer act directly on the instrument. This way the handling of GENECS is equivalent to a user sitting in front of the real generator.
    GENECS includes additional features, not in the generators, for viewing and editing protocols (for example insert comments). During the tests a Log File with all test parameters, date/time and test results is created.
    The Demo-Mode of GENECS simulates all functions of the selected type of Generator. The use and handling of all menus, dialogs and parameters is the same as on the Generator itself. The benefit is that users can create test routines on the office computer and download them into the generator later.

    GENECS Help file

    GENECS can be used to control up to 4 separate generators. An activation code is requried for each generator attached to GENECS.
    To fully install TEMA software, the GENECS package must also be downloaded. All software packages are for the exclusive use with EMC PARTNER instrumentation as detailed in the software specific documentation.
    A code is required to activate the communication interface. Contact your local EMC PARTNER representative for more details.

    System requirements
    - Windows™ XP or Windows 2000
    - Pentium® (or higher) processor, CPU frequency better 166 MHz
    - at least SVGA (800x600) graphic-card, recommended 1024 x 768
    - at least 16 MByte memory
    - 10 MByte free space on hard-disc, GENECS plus Database 17 MByte
    - at least one serial port (COM1..8)


    As option to the standard HARCS harmonics and flicker software deliverd with the HAR1000-1P, the HARCS-IMMUNITY extends the system to include additional testing as follows:
    - IEC 61000-4-13 Harmonics Immunity
    - IEC 61000-4-14 Voltage variations
    HARCS-IMMUNITY can be used in single phase configuration only.A special code is supplied to activate HARCS-IMMUNITY functions. The software is provided in conjunction with a full system calibration, both hardware and software together. The software is designed to be used in standard test and exploration modes. A wealth of data enables system designers to analyse the results for potential problems.
    HARCS-IMMUNITY software provides the capability to meet product standards such as IEC60335 with minimal cost investment.

    Harmonic Generation

    Between the harmonics of the power frequency voltage and current, further frequencies can be observed which are not integer multiples of the fundamental. Significant harmonic currents in a network can be generated by non-linear loads such as rectifiers. Interharmonic energy can derive from non linear circuit or signalling on the power line.
    The Harmonic Immunity Test consists of the following subtests:
    - Harmonic Combination Tests, ”Flat curve” and ”Overswing”
    - Frequency Sweep Test
    - Individual Harmonic and Interharmonic Test
    - ”Meister Curve” Test

    Voltage Variations

    This test simulates fluctuations in voltage amplitude mainly produced by industrial machines such as welding machines, rolling mills, large motors and arc furnaces. Because the disturbance is in an industrial environment, large numbers of consumers can be affected.
    Voltage excursions to a maximum of 12% can be programmed and a report generated

    Test Report generation
    After completing the tests, a comprehensive report can be generated in HTML format.
    From HTML, the file can be copied into Word© for editing or a pdf created directly.

    HARCS-IMMUNITY Access Code

    System requirements
    - Windows™ 9x, NT4.0, XP or Windows 2000
    - Pentium® (or higher) processor, CPU frequency better 166 MHz
    - at least SVGA (800x600) graphic-card, recommended 1024 x 768
    - at least 16 MByte memory
    - 10 MByte free space on hard-disc, GENECS plus Database 17 MByte
    - at least one serial port (COM1..8)
    Computers with dual core processors cannot be used with any HARCS-IMMUNITY software.


    The PS3SOFT-EXT extends PS3 power supply for a.c. and d.c. applications. The four standard voltage / frequency combinations in PS3 power supply can be supplimented by any combination up to 250Vac, 400Hz and 350Vdc. Connection to a computer is by RS232 interface.

    AC/DC program

    Sequences of IEC 61000-4-28
    In general, electrical and electronic equipment are not susceptible to minor variations of the power frequency. Testing according to this standard should be limited to products which are assessed to be susceptible to power frequency variations by virtue of design, environment or failure consequences.
    The immunity test levels required for a specific electromagnetic environment together with the performance criteria are indicated in the product, product family or generic standards as applicable. Test values as specified in IEC 61000-4-28.

    Test levels Frequency variation (df/f1) Transitional period tp
    Level 1 No test required No test required
    Level 2 ±3% 10 s
    Level 3 + 4%, - 6% 10 s
    Level 4 ±15% 1 s
    Level x open open

    Windows for Frequency Variation Level 3 at f nominal 50 Hz

    AC Voltage variation program

    System requirements
    - Windows™ XP or Windows 2000
    - Pentium® (or higher) processor, CPU frequency better 166 MHz
    - at least SVGA (800x600) graphic-card, recommended 1024 x 768
    - at least 16 MByte memory
    - 10 MByte free space on hard-disc, GENECS plus Database 17 MByte
    - at least one serial port (COM1..8)

    EMC PARTNER’s Product Range

    The Largest Range of Impulse Test Equipment up to 100kA and 100kV.

    Immunity Tests

    Transient Test Systems for all EMC tests on electronic equipment. ESD, EFT,
    surge, AC dips, AC magnetic field, surge magnetic field, common mode,
    damped oscillatory and DC dips. According to IEC and EN 61000-4-2, -4,
    -5, -8, -9, -10, -11, -12, -16, -18, -19, -29.
    Lightning Tests

    Impulse test equipment and accessories for aircraft, military and telecom
    applications. Complete solutions for RTCA / DO-160 and EUROCAE / ED-14
    for indirect lighting on aircraft systems, MIL-STD-461 tests CS106, CS115,
    CS116 and Telecom, ITU-T .K44 basic and enhanced tests for impulse,
    power contact and power induction.
    Component Tests

    Impulse generators for testing; varistors, gas discharge tubes (GDT), surge
    protective devices (SPDs), X / Y capacitors, circuit breakers, watt-hour meters,
    protection relays, insulation material, suppressor diodes, connectors,
    chokes, fuses, resistors, emc-gaskets, cables, etc.
    Emission Measurements

    Measurement of Harmonics and Flicker in 1-phase and 3-phase electrical
    and electronic products according to IEC /EN 61000-3-2 and 61000-3-3 .
    HARCS Immunity software adds interharmonic tests, voltage variation and
    ripple on DC tests according to IEC/EN 61000-4-13, -4-14, -4-17.
    System Automation

    A full range of accessories enhance the test systems. Test cabinets, test pistols,
    adapters and remote control software, simplify interfacing with the EUT.
    Programmable PSU, EMC hardened for frequencies form 16.7Hz to 400Hz.
    Frequency PS3-SOFT-EXT complies with IEC / EN 61000-4-14 and -4-28.

    Our committment starts with a quality management system backing up
    our ISO 17025 accreditation. With the SCS number 129, EMC PARTNER
    provide accredited calibration and repairs. Our customer support team are
    at your service!

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