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    Дополнительная информация

    Test System Features

    LF Measuring System has many unique and outstanding features:
    • Utilises public power main
    • Light weight and transportable
    • Unique power amplifier design (patent pending)
    • 4000VA rated system
    • 250V maximum EUT supply
    • 16A per phase maximum EUT current
    • Power source continuously monitored for compliance
    • Discrete components for flicker impedance
    • Flicker measurements Pst and Plt
    • dmax measurements
    • Automatic Pass/Fail indication
    • Powerful analysis software
    • Lower cost solution compared to conventional systems
    • System verification built-in
    • Compact 19“ bench top or rack mount design
    • Fulfills all the latest standard requirements
    • Remote control and software upgrade through standard interface
    • Easily expandable to 3-phase measurement system
    • 2 year warranty
    User Benefits

    The technical excellence and many unique features of LF Measuring System translates directly into benefits for the user
    • Cost effective solution to meet many test requirements
    • Increase quality of test object
    • Independant of local mains supply (with separate AC source option)
    • Save operator time with the automated test routines and test report facility
    • Easy retrieval of test data
    • Unparalleled reliability and system up-time
    • Test Assistant
    International Electrotechnical Committee (IEC)

    IEC 61000-3-2 (Ed.3.2: 2009): Limits - Limits for harmonic current emissions (equipment input current <= 16="" a="" per="" phase="" --="--">
    IEC 61000-3-3 (Ed.2.0: 2008): Limits - Limitation of voltage changes, voltage fluctuations and flicker in public low-voltage supply systems, for equipment with rated current <= 16="" a="" per="" phase="" and="" not="" subject="" to="" conditional="" connection="" --="--">
    IEC 61000-4-7 (Ed.2.1: 2009): Testing and measurement techniques - General guide on harmonics and interharmonics measurements and instrumentation, for power supply systems and equipment connected thereto
    IEC 61000-4-15 (Ed.1.1: 2003): Testing and measurement techniques - Flickermeter - Functional and design specifications
    IEC/TR 60725 (Ed.2.0: 2005): Consideration of reference impedances and public supply network impedances for use in determining disturbance characteristics of electrical equipment having a rated current = < 75 A per phase
    IEC 61000-4-13 (Ed.1.1: 2009): Testing and measurement techniques - Harmonics and interharmonics including mains signalling at a.c. power port, low frequency immunity tests.
    IEC 61000-4-14 (Ed.1.2: 2009): Testing and measurement techniques - Voltage fluctuation immunity test.

    System Components
     The Low Frequency measuring system is a compact solution to determine harmonic and flicker emissions generated by equipment connected to the public power main.
     HAR1000-1P is the single phase version and comprises a power amplifier, line impedance network, harmonics and flicker measurement, all in a single unit. HAR-EXT1000 added to HAR1000-1P provides full three phase capability.
     The hardware is controlled from a powerful user interface software (HARCS).


    Power Amplifier
     Using a novel technique to correct power main distortion reduces size, weight and cost compared to traditional systems. A small power amplifier is used to correct power main distortion and deliver a clean sine wave to an EUT. While the measurements are being made, the test voltage (U) at the terminals of the equipment under test, when operated according to the defined operating condition, shall meet the requirements laid down in the IEC standards.
     The power amplifier source impedance must be nearly 0ohm to prevent distortion of flicker results. The test voltage must be stable in amplitude and frequency to ensure correct results.

    Line Impedance Network
    Flicker measurements are small variations of RMS voltage caused by the EUT. In order to ensure that only effects from the EUT are measured, a conventional impedance of 0,4ohm + j 0,25ohm must be used. This is a real impedance included in the system.

    Harmonic Measurement System
    This can be configured to measure in accordance with the latest standard requirements (including amendment 14) and also the previous version. Providing an easy comparison of measurement results obtained from previous and new samples. Dual analysers simultaneously monitor the AC supply output and the distortion resulting from the EUT. Both voltage and current harmonics are measured and displayed for analysis purposes

    Definition of the equipment classes

    Display of single phase harmonic voltage and current

    Harmonic results table including real time EUT measurements

    Flicker Measurement System
    The flicker analyser is a part of the system hardware and is compliant to the latest requirements of IEC61000-4-15. Specifically this means that dmax is the result of an average from 22 measurements taken from a total of 24. Verification of the flicker measurement system can be made using 33.3Hz modulation for 50Hz and also 40Hz modulation for 60Hz supplies. The inrush current capability enables measurement of dmax at 7%.

    Graphic representation of cumulative probability function. The real time flicker value is displayed together with all the measurements required for standard compliance.

    Display of dmax value showing amplifier in-rush capability

    HARCS software
    Provided as part of the system package, HARCS software is a powerful user friendly interface which allows the user to configure the system to perform measurements and displays the results in a convenient format. Unique features of HARCS software include:
    • Test Assistant
    • Harmonics inspector
    • Recorder function
    • ANASIM
    • Harmonic verification
    • Flicker verification
    Upgrading the HARCS to include the immunity package, provides a low cost means to perform additional testing for harmonic immunity, voltage fluctuations and ripple on DC supplies.

    Test Assistant

    Harmonics Inspector. Select individual harmonics to view additional information in real time.

    HARCS Recorder. Up to 8 different measurement parameters can be stored in the recorder. When a test is completed, data from the recorder can be “re-run” to assist in analysis of measurement results.

    HARCS ANASIM. Included in the HARCS package is the simulation program ANASIM.

    Verification. Perform a quick system verification for harmonics and flicker using internally generated signals.

    Power Amplifier
    Power rating 4000VA
    Amplifier bandwidth DC to 6000Hz
    Voltage range (230V) 200 to 250V
    Voltage range (115V) 100 to 125V
    Continuous current 16A
    Usable supply frequencies 50/60Hz
    Inrush current 500A at 230V
    Load change regulation < 0.05%
    Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) < 0.5%
    Response time 0 to 100% load change 10ps
    Voltage harmonic distortions 3rd harmonic < 0.9%  5th harmonic < 0.4%  7th harmonic < 0.3%  9th harmonic < 0.2%  2nd - 10th harmonic < 0.2% 11th - 40th harmonic <0.1%
    Source impedance < 3mohm
    Harmonic Measurement System
    Current and Voltage harmonic range 1st to 40th harmonic
    Harmonic class measurements A, B, C, D & X
    Frequency measurement accuracy < 0.1%
    Voltage drop across current shunt < 150mV
    Current ranges auto, 0.25A, 0.5A, 1A, 2A, 5A, 10A, 25A & 50A
    Current measurement accuracy < 1%
    Parameter measurement and display Urms, Upeak, Irms, Ipeak, Crest factor, Power, Apparent power, Frequency, UTHD & ITHD
    FFT of EUT current real time 4096 points over 16 periods
    Fluctuationg harmonics 16 periods (50 or 60Hz) with 1.5s filter
    Flicker Measurement System
    50Hz Line Impedance Network 1 phase 0.4ohm + j0.25ohm (phase & neutral)
    50Hz Line Impedance Network 1 phase 0.24ohm + j0.15ohm (phase only)
    50Hz Line Impedance Network 1 phase 0.16ohm + j0.10ohm (neutral only)
    50Hz Line Impedance Network 3 phase 0.24ohm + j0.15ohm (phase only)
    50Hz Line Impedance Network 3 phase 0.16ohm + j0.10ohm (neutral only)
    Flicker meter according to IEC61000-4-15
    Flicker measurements per second 100
    Parameter measurement and display Urms, Irms, Power, Power factor, Frequency, Pst, Plt, dmax, dc & dt
    Flicker dislays Cumulative probability, histogram
    Automatic Pass/Fail indication for Pst, Plt, dmax, dc & dt
    Mains Supply Requirements
    230V/115V ± 10%
    50Hz/60Hz ± 0.5% for 9A range and 16A range

    with HAR1000-1P
    and Laptop

    Simultaneous display
    of three phase
    HAR1000-1P can be enhanced with the following accessories:
    Adds two further phases to the HAR1000-1P. Simple connection without any hardware
    modifications mean this powerful extension can be added at any time to an existing
    single phase system.
    HARCS Immunity Software
    This package can be added to the single phase system. It extends the system’s emission
    capability to include power line immunity tests such as harmonic immunity and
    voltage fluctuations.
    Easy selection of test sequences
    Immunity measurement of one phase system
    in real time
    PS3 PS3
    Low cost power source to provide alternative supply to local main. PS3-1 is available
    with up to 3 voltage/frequency combinations.
    230V/50Hz 3000W
    115V/60Hz 2000W
    USB Serial Cable
    The UC-232A USB Serial adapter provides an external plug-and-play RS-232 serial
    connection for computers and notebooks that support USB specification.

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